André Goig appointed Chair of Trapview Board

outubro 3, 2021

Trapview, a technology leader in automated pest monitoring and forecasting, is pleased to announce that it has appointed senior business executive André Goig as Chair of the Trapview Board.

“More than ever, Trapview is committed to supporting farmers grow more sustainably. André’s invaluable experience in the plant protection and seeds business driven by a customer-centric approach, becomes the ideal intersection of the two fundamental components of our mission: providing sustainable decision support solutions for environment and food safety. That brings us a few important steps closer to zero-residue food production,”

– stated Matej Štefančič, Co-Founder and CEO of EFOS Ltd., developing the Trapview solution.

“I am thrilled to be contributing to Trapview’ vision during such an important time. Trapview is well-positioned to leverage its leading pest monitoring and forecasting platform to help growers optimize their crop protection operations and adhere to more sustainable practices. I see a huge opportunity for the Trapview solution to become an indispensable component towards sustainable farming, and I look forward to being part of supporting our members throughout their journey.”

– André Goig

André has more than 30 years of senior management experience in the chemicals sector with deep industry expertise in plant protection and seeds. André has also spent several years providing consulting services to the industry for both the improvement of business strategy as well as market development.

About EFOS Ltd.

Trapview is a pest insect monitoring and forecasting platform developed by a Slovenian company EFOS Ltd. Automated electronic traps enable efficient, nearly maintenance free monitoring of pest insects. Advanced artificial intelligence-based processing of trap data assists customers to get accurate and real-time understanding of pest population dynamics as well as forecast of pest development stages in a specific area. This positions Trapview as key decision support tool for planning field activities and for optimal usage of crop protection. More than 40 different insect species are being monitored all over the world with the help of Trapview solution.