Trapview and Proexport presented common CARTAGENA project

Aprile 26, 2023
Cartagena project presentation by Trapview and Proexport

Murcia, Spain, 20th April 2023Trapview, the world’s leading decision-support system for pest monitoring and pest development stage forecasting, and Proexport, Prodecers & Exporters Association of Fruits and Vegetables of the Region of Murcia presented the common Cartagena project for Proexport members to produce and export healthier and more sustainable food.

“Proexport members showed a profound interest in participating and I believe we are starting a really great infrastructural project here. The event confirmed a common goal of sustainable food production in a very constrained environment. It is very high level of engagement and professionalism of Proexport and it’s members that helped create “garden of Europe” in the South of Spain. For us at Trapview, it’s always very exciting and rewarding to work with such partners.”


The aim of the project is setting up Trapview traps on the fields of Proexport growers. Traps are intended for monitoring pests on crops. Based on AI technology images of pests are analysed to provide useful daily information for growers and crop advisors:
• Which pest populations are present in the crop
• The location where pests are present
• The intensity of pests
• The forecast of the pest development stages
• Weather conditions

The traps are already installed, operating, and the data is being analysed. The testing period will last until the end of June 2023, when the results from Trapview and feedback from Proexport members will be presented.

The project was presented to Proexport members by:
• Fernando Gomez, CEO Proexport
• Matej Štefančič, CEO EFOS Ltd.
• Antonio Luis Martinez Marin, Cartagena Project Manager
• Vincent Jolly, Managing Director Trapview Iberia

About Trapview

Trapview is world’s most advanced solution for monitoring and forecasting of pest insect population. Through its grid of automated, nearly maintenance-free insect traps, together with the advanced artificial intelligence-based processing it offers real time insights into pest insect population. The solution provides relevant information about the impact pest insects will have on the farm level as well as trends related to pest population in larger area. Trapview is used for monitoring of over 60 insect species in specialty and row crops worldwide. This year Trapview was also recognised by the Fast Company as one of the most Innovative Companies in Agriculture in 2023.

Media Relations: Veronika Bozic

About Proexport

The Association of Producers and Exporters of Fruit and Vegetables of the Region of Murcia (PROEXPORT) is an independent business organisation that has been promoting competitiveness, business cooperation, sustainability and profitability in Spanish fruit and vegetable production since 1975. The affiliated companies and OPFHs market 1.5 million tonnes, export to over 50 countries and create more than 28,000 direct jobs per year. PROEXPORT’s initiatives have been awarded two regional prizes for sustainable development and national prizes for promoting healthy diets for school children and corporate social responsibility in the agricultural sector.

Media Relations: María José Moreno