Clear intelligence, smart reporting and reliable forecasting on pest activity in every corner of your field.

Trapview is a game changing solution that efficiently powers your plant protection decision making process. It can provide you with real-time and crystal clear pest activity overview, it can forecast future pest activity and simulate different plant protection scenarios. In other words, it is your smartest employee on the field.

11,844,706 tons

food produced with aid of Trapview

21,593 tons

CO2 emissions reduced

45,547 hours

labor saved

129,476,318 USD

growers' cost saved
How it works

A body guard for your crops and a business adviser for you

Real time data is gathered from all your locations

Independent and robust trapping devices reliably catch perfect data about pest situation on every single corner of the territory you want to have under control.

Crystal clear data is sent to cloud and carefully analyzed

Minute by minute, day by day. On lazy days and in moments of thunder. Rivers of data are continuously streamlined into your Trapview cloud and there analyzed and structured with powerful AI technology.

Reports are prepared for your business decisions

All information, from all locations is neatly presented in your favourite device to bring your decision making process to completely new level: raising profits, shortening times, eliminating risks, lowering costs and fine-tuning use of chemicals.

You operate without worry

Traps are durable. Data is secure. Information is reliable. And every day of the week you have reliable professional support available.

Welcome to better operations: higher yields and quality, lower business risks and environmental footprint

Lower production costs

With Trapview solutions in place, your organization gains unprecedented control over labor costs, travel expenses, PPP volume and other resources required for pest management. Due to better application timing and location targeting organizations are able to decrease plant protection operations costs by 4%.

Higher yield and quality

Better plant protection makes your crop less vulnerable and easier to grow with higher quality standards. Organizations that use Trapview solutions in average report 5% increase of both - yield and quality.

Better risk management

Trapview is a step towards better, more informed decisions as it provides accurate and frequent information and thus limits the risks of making wrong decisions.

Higher accuracy

No matter what plant protection product, method or production style your organization is practicing, your results will become better with better input from all of your locations. Trapview will give you the information that is needed for precise targeting of pest.

More sustainable operation

With a comprehensive overview and with more reliable data your pest protection activities become more precise and targeted. In this way use of crop protection becomes less haphazard and more sustainable.

Reference projects

Cheaper sugar cane

Cheaper sugar cane

A multinational crop protection company from Brasil uses Trapview for a area-wide overview and advanced decision support tools for more efficient use of plant protection product...

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Next, consider our plan for your operation

Based on your input information, our team will create a customized plan best tailored to your operations and challenges. We deliver worldwide and adapt locally.

Apply Trapview solutions at your location

Our team will support you throughout the whole process – from the first contact to harvest time. Our personnel will lead you through installation process, train and guide you in initial periods of use and through all challenging moments. Our Trapview technical teams provide local support in select countries.
About us

We are using science and IT to make safety and sustainability work

From apples in Poland, soybeans in Brazil, almonds in California, to lentils in Australia: Trapview solutions are active in more than 40 countries around the world. They are monitoring more than 50 insect species, bringing value to a large spectrum of agriculture and food-chain organizations.


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Trapview solutions are developed and delivered by EFOS company. We are focused on environmental and safety challenges within wider food production industry. Our multidisciplinary team of agronomists, IT experts & data scientists is designing outstanding and innovative products and services.

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